Top Feel-Good Web Series To Free Watch

Feel-Good Web Series

Here is the list for some feel-good web-series that you can watch for free during quarantine-

1.FLAMES Web Series (2 Seasons) –

Web Series
Watch On: TVF/ MX Player

FLAMES is the innocent story of young generation that unfolds

‘Romance’ as a chemical reaction.

FLAMES is about #PadhaiAurPyaar.

The story is that Rajat, Pandey (Pandu) and Anusha are BFFs who study in same tution.

Web Series

Rajat falls for the new girl in the tution ‘Ishita’.

Rajat’s BFFs- Pandey and Anusha’s friendship takes turn to relationship.

The equation of friendship and understanding is in this Season-1 of FLAMES .

Season.2 This season of FLAMES continues as three BFFs turned to four BFFs.

There is an addition of Ishita in Best Friend Zone of Rajat , Pandey (Pandu) & Anusha .

Where Pandey & Anusha continues their Relationship.

web series

Rajat and Ishita falls in love.

This season of FLAMES is a perfect blended story with Innocence, Nostalgia & Emotions.

If you are having a great taste or choice of watching web series you will definitely love it.

2. Yeh Meri Family –

Watch On: TVF

Yeh Meri Family is web series based on a 90’s era family .

web series

This continues with a story of Harshu & his family.

Harshu didn’t liked his family and had a lot of problems with them.

The problem continues to end when he started understanding his family.

Image Source: First Post

Yeh Meri Family has portrayed with perfection and has a great taste of 90’s.

This web series will remind you with some of things that members in your family does.

This web series is a family story with humor-comedy, innocence, love and drama.

3. Pitchers

Watch On: TVF/ MX Player

Pitchers is about four guys who quit their job for their dream of starting own company.

web series

Startup, a word that sounds easy but when it comes to doing it then you realize ‘easiness’ isn’t actually true.

This web series ‘Pitchers’is about the struggle, the problems

that the four faced for doing a startup and how they solved it.

Pitchers is a good one to enjoy & learn aswell.

4. College Romance

Watch On: You Tube/ TVF

This is a story of three BFF’s who decide to take their respective relationships to next level.

web series

But things don’t go as expected.

This web series is about #YaarPyaarAurBakchodi i.e – Love, Laugh, Friends & Fun.

5. Kota Factory

Watch On: TVF/ You Tube

Kota Factory web series covers the struggle of IIT & Medical exam aspirants.

web series
Kota Factory captures students as they have to face competition aswell as life.

This web series has a lot things to teach like-

Adjusting, Management, Friendship, Love and the most is students struggle.

It’s a Must Watch.

6. ImMature

Watch On: MX Player

 web series

Image Source: Digi Hunt 

ImMature is on three friends- Dhruv, Susu & Kabir who wants to grow up as soon as possible.

They used to feel that getting mature is a great thing

We get huge respect, we can be in a different level of attitude & can enjoy a lot after getting mature.

web series

Later they realized they were wrong.

Dhruv had his first crush on Chhavi, the class topper.

His friends help Dhruv to impress his crush.

ImMature showcases where three friends grow up together.

From having first drink, first love to getting their hearts broken and much more.

This Web Series is all about the difficulties faced during the growing up phase.

7. Cheesecake Web Series –

Watch On: MX Player

Ever felt lonely,unhappy and not loved. Go meet a dog.

web seriesImage Source: Hindustan Times

This web series ‘Cheesecake’ is about two married couples-

Neel & Sameera who stays unhappy and anxious.

Things start changing when they accidently bring a golden retriever (Cheesecake) at home.

The lost dog that brought all the happiness.

This dog taught them the meaning of unconditional love.

It is the dog that brought the couples closer again with joy & partnership that they share to take care of him.

This web series also shows that atmosphere also affect dogs.

Dogs have unconditional love.

Dogs are the most beautiful thing ever made.

‘Cheesecake’ is a must watch.

This web series will make you smile, feel the love & cry at the same time.

8. Permanent Roommates (2 Seasons) –

web series

Watch On: TVF/ MX Player

This web series ‘Permanent Roommates’ has total of two seasons.

The season-1 of permanent roommates is about the two-

Mikesh & Tanya who were in long distance relationship for 3 years.

Tanya gets shocked after she gets a marriage proposal from Mikesh

& before she can start protesting about it,

Mikesh reveals about his own master-plans which created non-stop trouble.

Season.2This season of permanent roommates is full of surprises.

Image Source: The Cinema Holic

While Tanya & Mikesh were busy planning their future. Life keep giving them surprises. These kind of surprises can relate to shock or trouble.

There is a lot more in this season-2 of this web series.

Permanent Roommates is too good.

9. Triplings Web Series ( 2 Seasons)-

Watch On: TVF/ MX Player

What if you go for a road trip with your siblings? It might be fun.

This is the story of three siblings- Chandan, Chitvan, Chanchal & their unplanned trip.

web series

Image Source: We Media

Chandan – A divorced, jobless, hopeless person who came to Mumbai to meet his brother ‘Chitvan’.

Chitvan – The broken one.

Chanchal – The one who is faking pregnancy.

When they meet each other. They all were in a crisis and disturbed from life.

So, they went for an unplanned road trip.

Image Source: Educational World

After all ‘Family matters at the time of crisis’.

They gone their own ways, took their own paths, but this road trip has only one destination i.e ‘Home’.

This web series will let you learn a lot from the characters.

‘Triplings’ is fun-loving & worth watching.

10. Awkward Conversations ( 2 Seasons)-

Watch On: TVF

This web series is about awkward conversations.

These conversations might be with parents, friends or may be your partner.

When you hear ‘awkward’, you might remember of some of your situations.

Awkard Conversations has 2 seasons.

In the Season-1 of this web series, Ishan somehow got caught into

awkard situations with his parents that creates the whole trouble.

Season.2TVF/ You Tube

This time ‘Ishan’ again gets into some awkward situations,

but not with his parents but his girlfriend.

web series

Many of you while reading ‘Awkard Conversation With Girlfriend might have felt scary.

The season.2 of this web series is a sure-shot comedy, fun and is too interesting.

So, These were some feel-good web series for free watch.

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