The Movies That have Potential To Inspire the New Youth

Inspiring movies


The movie TAMASHA stars Ranbir Kapoor , Deepika Padukone in lead role.

Imtiaz Ali  is the director of the movie.

Genre Drama, Romance.

Ranbir is playing the character of (Ved) . Whereas, Deepika is playing character of (Tara).

Inspiring movies

Tamasha is a movie that covers aspects like-

  • Human behaving as Robots 
  • The Race we all humans are running without knowing why and where to go & so on.

It inspires us in many ways.

The act by Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is to deep and mind blowing.

image courtesy: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Tamasha  classifies the difference between our Fakeness and Reality.

The movie explains the concept of mask we are wearing on us.

It also gives lesson to do what you have interest in . It inspires you to find your true self . 

Tamasha is almost the best of inspiring movies which covers the reality of people and is best at vision. It is a must watch movie.

2. Chhichhore

Chhichhore stars Sushant Singh Rajput , Shraddha Kapoor in lead role.

GenreComedy, Drama movie directed by Nitesh Tiwari.


Sushant Singh R. as (Anni), Shraddha as (Maya), Varun Sharma (Sexa),

Tushar Pandey (Mummy), Tahir Raj Bhasin (Derek), Naveen Polishetty

(Acid) & Saharsh Kumar Shukla (Bevda) The Mates Of Hostel 4.

Inspiring moviesimage courtesy: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment


The movie is full of Comedy, Naughty punches and Emotions.

Anni and Maya were in same college and they fall in Love . They got married after completing their study and had a kid.

The kid (Raghav) is now all grown and has given an exam for entrance. He takes too much stress about his result.  and gets so anxious . Result get declared and he didn’t passed it. He kept on saying himself a loser and thinking what others will say. He attempted suicide.

Watching his son hanged between Life and Death Anni dips to his hostel 4 memories.

The Hostel 4 students got a tag LOSERS . The struggle and story behind removing the LOSERS tag was the thing he told to his son.


The Story about his hostel life with the loser tag and the fight for LOSERS tag removal is the whole thing. He told his son how-

 “Winning or loosing doesn’t matter…

The thing that matter is the fight for your goal”…

The movie says – All have plans that what we will do after succeding . . But nobody tells ”What if we fail”.

No one tells about dealing with Failure .

CHHICHHORE unfolds the issues of Anxiety , Fear of loosing , Dealing with failure.

It is one of that inspiring movies that might help parents to understand their childrens and teach childrens ‘How parents suffer when they take steps like suicide attempt and also teach us many valuable lessons.

3. Wake Up Sid

The movie Wake Up Sid stars Ranbir Kapoor as (Sid) and Konkona Sen Sharma as (Aisha) in lead.

The movie also stars Anupam Kher & Supriya Pathak.

GenreComing-of-Age-Drama, Romantic movie directed by Ayan Mukherji.

It covers the Story of a immature boy Sid .

Inspiring movies

image courtesy: Dharma Production


Sid: A Lazy, Immature, Non-Serious boy who doesn’t care about anything.

He mets a girl named Aisha in a party.

She was new in the city (Mumbai). Sid showed her some places of Mumbai. After spending sometime together they became friends.

He helps her finding a flat and in making her flat worth living. Sid has completed his college but the results are yet to come.

The result came and Sid got failed.

Sid tells his mom that he didn’t passed.

Her mother talks to him very politely but in a worried way.

Sid started disrespecting her mother and gone rude .

Seeing his such attitude his father said Sid to apologize from his mother . Sid starts behaving rude with his father too.

His father says  him ‘This is my home’. You have to follow my rules here.

Sid in anger leaves the house at that moment.

He went to his friend Aisha to live in her flat.

The movie rely on –

How Sid started getting some serious to his actions , how he followed his passion and started working on it.

He realized his value without his parents , now he started valuing and loving his parents.

His friend Aisha was Mature, Serious and goal oriented. After being with Sid, She learnt to not be serious and sorted all the time. You need to be carefree although.

Sid learnt from Aisha, We must be serious to life also .

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara stars Hritik Roshan as (Arjun),
Farhan Akhtar as (Imraan), Abhay Deol as (Kabir),
Kalki Koechlin as (Natasha) and Katrina Kaif as (Laila)
GenreDrama, Romance movie directed by Zoya Akhtar.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara the title tells you (You won’t get this life back ) which shows this is a one of highly inspiring movies.


image courtesy: Excel Entertainment


The story of three friends- Arjun, Imraan and Kabir who planned a vacation
long time before but had to cancel it because of some reasons .
And now Kabir is marrying Natasha.
Before Marriage it he decides to go for his bachelors party i.e the vacation with his friends (Arjun and Imraan).
Arjun denies to go.
Arjun is a always busy in work person and is gone so mature that he forgot to live his life.
They all meet each other with a plan of –

Choosing an Adventure spot of their choice without telling anyone of them and will tell after reaching the spot.



They didn’t knew that this journey will change their life.

The Adventures were-

1.DEEP SEA DIVING that made Arjun know -how beautiful is everything & there is also a place for peace.

2.SKY DIVING Fear of Imraan vanished.
3.RUNNING WITH BULLSThe Suicide spot that conveys message that if you dare to do, then you are living & If you are taking dreams in your eyes, then you are living.
This time solved issues, made more stronger bond & understanding, friendship.
The journey of love , Journey that vanished all the fears and made them learn to live life.
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a beautiful & one of those inspiring movies that are needed to be watched.

While we are discussing Inspiring movies . How can we forget this one.

3 Idiots stars Aamir Khan as (Rancho), R. Madhavan as (Farhan),

Sharman Joshi as (Raju),  Boman Irani as (Viru Sahastrabudhi)

& Kareena Kapoor as (Pia).

Genre– Coming-of-age-fiction, Drama, Comedy movie directed by

Rajkumar Hirani.

Inspiring Movies

image courtesy: Vinod Chopra Films


The story of year 1999, When Raju , Farhan and Rancho continue to study in engineering college. They became roommates and later became friends.

They all were different from each other.

  • FarhanThe guy who is doing engineering instead of his passion for photography because his wanted him to do so.
  • RajuThe guy who joined engineering . So he can end the poverty of his family. Raju always stay worried and keep on praying. He study less and worry more.
  • RanchoThe guy was fearless, passionate in science , believed in practical learning. He used to have conflicts with the professors because of teaching strategy. He had a love of learning.

Inspiring Movies


The movie is all about how Rancho helped everyone with his

thinking , taught them how to live by many lessons and changed

their lives. 

The Best thing Rancho taught was ” All is Well”.

6. Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi stars Shah Rukh Khan as (Dr. Jehangir Khan)  and Alia Bhatt as (Kaira) in leading role.

Genre  A Drama and Romantic genre movie directed by Gauri Shinde.

The movie also stars Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ira Dubey, Ali Zafar,

Yashaswini Dayama, Rohit Suresh Saraf, Akanksha Gade,

 Gautmik, Atul Kale and Aditya Roy Kapur.

inspiring movies

image courtesy: Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Production, Hope Productions


Dear Zindagi is about a girl ‘Kaira’ who has a lot problems from life.

She always felt insecure and doesn’t stick within a particular relationship.

She always had a feeling of insecurity that she ends up a relationship before his partner, as she doesn’t wanted to get hurt. She started suffering insomnia.

inspiring movies

The feeling of insecurity and past hurts were creating bad impact on her passion, relationship and her life that leads her to Psychologist (Dr. Jehangir Khan) who uses unconventional methods to treat his patients.

Dr. Jehangir Khan made Kaira feel comfortable. He is a friendly doctor. He listened her carefully and when he understood her problems. He guided Kaira properly .

inspiring movies

He briefly explained the concept of relationships with taking the example of ‘Kursi’ i.e ‘Chair’. He made Kaira feel relaxed and free from guilt of not being in a particular relationship.

He vanished all her fears, insecurities, anxiety & caring about society issues.

 Dr. Jehangir Khan made Kaira to Live and Love her life.

The movie taught a lot Lessons for Life. I won’t reveal the lessons because they are worth the watch as conveyed.

inspiring movies

This movie is unique concept as awareness for Mental Health is also being promoted.

Watching this movie you will also be guided that ‘It is nothing wrong to go for mental health treatment’.

This movie is one of those inspiring movies that is not to meant for masala movie lovers, Dear Zindagi is a classy movie. It’s beautiful film and a must watch.

7. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani stars Ranbir Kapoor as (Kabir Thappar
a.k.a Bunny). Deepika Padukone as (Naina),
Kalki Koechlin as (Aditi) & Aditya Roy Kapoor as (Avi) in a leading role.
Inspiring moviesimage courtesy: Dharma Production

GenreDrama, Romantic movie directed by Ayan Mukherji

Talking about Inspiring movies, need to tell you that the character in the movie is the whole inspiration.


The movie revolves around Friendship, Travel & Love.

Naina, A medical student who is shy in nature, A nerdy who mets her old classmate ‘Aditi’ after a long time.

Aditi tells her she is going on a vacation with his friend Avi & Bunny.

Inspiring movies

Talking to Aditi, Naina realizes that she wants more from life.

She packed bags & went out for a vacation, leaving a message behind.

The Trip To Manali.

On train to Manali, Naina met her old classmates Avi, Bunny with Aditi.

Bunny was the handsome, flirty guy for whom Flirting was like yoga.

He was the man who lived moments, listened his heart & didn’t care of anybody. He loved himself and his dreams more than anything.

Inspiring Movies

His father supported him and loved the way he is living life.

His Dream was to explore the world. He wanted life to be adventurous and he didn’t wanted to stop ever. 

Bunny made Naina comfortable and open during trip. Naina felt in love with Bunny but wasn’t able to confess her feelings because while she tried to confess, Avi came at the same time & shown the scholarship Ietter for  journalism program in Chichago of Bunny.

Naina knew Bunny loves his dreams more than she loves him so she didn’t confessed her feelings.

Trip is over. Naina is no more a shy girl anymore. She is changed and returning home with loads of memories.

8 years passed, Bunny is on journey of his dream to explore the world and has never looked back.

Inspiring movies

Due to his friend’s marriage, Bunny had to return India.

There he again met Naina, Spent time with her and  felt that he loves Naina.

He also get to know Naina too loves him.

Naina tells him not to take it any further because he can’t sacrifice his dreams for her.

Inspiring movies

Bunny loved Naina but he loved his dreams too.

Confused between Dreams and Love, He finds answer to his questions.

These Inspiring movies are different and beautiful in their own ways

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